The winners of the 2016 Arts Entrepreneurship awards are honored with a specially commissioned trophy designed by artist Kate Blacklock, and receive lifetime membership to Fractured Atlas, which provides artists with access to professional development resources, affordable insurance, fiscal sponsorship, discounted business vendor services, and other critical tools for building successful careers and organizations.

This year’s award designer, Kate Blacklock, said of her 3-D printed ceramic design:

My approach in designing the Fractured Atlas Awards was to draw attention to the incredible intricacies which are unique to the 3D printing process by making forms that beckon to be held and examined. Yet, the act of handling these objects, in this case, is a confident gesture due to the precious nature of the ceramic materials. Each award design is adaptable in orientation and interesting from all angles. These attributes serve as metaphors for the entrepreneurial spirit; Confident, adaptable and multifaceted.