The Awards

A great idea can change the world. But it takes moxie and optimism to challenge conventional wisdom, disrupt conventional practices, and turn that idea into reality. The arts and culture sector needs more great ideas. More importantly, we need entrepreneurs who can bring those ideas to fruition. Fractured Atlas wants to encourage innovation and risk taking by honoring the innovative minds who are developing forward-thinking models for successful arts careers and organizations in the 21st century.

Fractured Atlas defines an entrepreneur as: someone who acquires resources (whether financial, technical, or other) and takes risks to start a venture developing an innovative idea or opportunity.

The Prize

Recipients of the Arts Entrepreneurship Awards will receive a specially commissioned award handmade by a pre-selected artist from our national community. Additionally, they will receive lifetime membership to Fractured Atlas, as well as prominent blog features and invitations to special events. 


Award panelists will be asked to consider a series of questions as they review each of the nominations. Stand-out nominees will have compelling answers to these questions:

  1. What component of this venture stands out as innovative, entrepreneurial, and/or disruptive?
  2. Does the nominee stand out as an alternative to traditional or existing models?
  3. What techniques does the nominee employ to market their innovative solutions to audiences and stakeholders?
  4. Is the nominee taking risks that demonstrate their commitment to breaking away from conventional practices?

Secondary criteria will be used to further vet qualifying nominees:

  1. Does the nominee have artistic merit?
  2. Does the nominee create meaningful opportunities for community engagement with art?
  3. Does the nominee embody the values of Fractured Atlas and its community?
  4. Does the individual/group/organization have the capacity to be financially sustainable (if not today, someday)?

About Fractured Atlas

Fractured Atlas empowers artists, arts organizations, and other cultural sector stakeholders by eliminating practical barriers to artistic expression, so as to foster a more agile and resilient cultural ecosystem.

Fractured Atlas is a national non-profit organization that serves a community of over 500,000 artists and arts organizations. We offer a variety and programs and services that help artists strengthen the business side of their practice: fiscal sponsorship for fundraising; affordable insurance to mitigate risk; SpaceFinder, an online marketplace for performance and rehearsal venues; and, our business management software for artists.